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May 15, 2013 Storytelling, Students

This group of students as well as the Oxford group were also incredibly generous in showing us around their host cities as we collected footage for a Study Abroad film we release this summer.

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Nike Air Max White Womens Size 6

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Nike Air Max White Womens Size 6

explore the potential of mixed media storytelling to communicate messages drawn from research and professional writing with a wider audience.

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Digital Storytelling archive

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Feb 12, 2013 Faculty, Projects, Storytelling

to introduce biblical texts for a media commentary project he was considering. Kent was working with colleagues on a research project to share interviews with members of intentional communities around the country. Jeff had a particular role for his project to play within a graduate theology class. This last demonstrates the complexity of these messages for particular audiences:

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Al Haley and Kyle Dickson led the workshop which paralleled the basic structure of a three day storytelling workshop with the exception that the final products didn follow any one basic format. Al was presenting at a conference and wanted a way to talk about his interest in mixed media texts. Mark was thinking about videos Nike Air Max Ivo Black

This last month we welcomed a remarkable group of faculty to join us for our first Scholarly Storytelling workshop in the Learning Studio. We wanted to Nike Air Max 2014 Mens Green

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was also our first storytelling workshop entirely on the iPad. Students had access to a couple Blue Snowball USB microphones (that perplexed TSA officials going and coming) and all the photos and video they had taken while traveling. We had strong scripts in an intensive three day timespan for their first project in April. Then each student reflected on their overall experience abroad in a final project in May. Here are a few examples of their work.

this video should attempt to convince the viewer that 1) the activity under consideration qualifies as an expanded form of literacy; and 2) society would benefit as a whole if such argument were accepted. How does the subject fall under a definition of literacy? Which definition? Why does it matter? How are our lives enriched if we agree with you? How might your opponents disagree with you, and how would you address such concerns? are a few examples of their work.

Here are just a couple of their stories.

Thanks to Dr. Cole Bennett and hisENGL 325: Advanced Comp class for sharing their Literacies projects again this year. . then concluded with student produced videos introducing a cultural literacy of their own:

Again this spring we worked with students at ACU campus in Leipzig, Germany, as well as with on site faculty Derek and Rachel Brown to take digital storytelling overseas. Students spent two days in workshops developing scripts, recording Nike Air Max White Womens Size 6 audio, and editing stories on iPads or laptops.

This spring the Learning Studio worked with Dr. Houston Heflin as part of our first digital storytelling project overseas. We worked with Houston and his students before they left the States to begin thinking about media projects they would complete mid way through the semester and then at the end, reflecting on their own experiences in East Germany.

May 7, 2013 Projects, Storytelling, Students

project is intended to stimulate conversation about synthesis in a graduate class. All the students will have read assigned texts, and one of the themes on which I will focus in class is the attempt in early Syriac Christianity to have radically different styles of discipleship co existing in the same communities. worship styles, fellowship, ministry, race, etc.). The music is that of Syrian Orthodox hymnody.

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