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He made history at 14 when he became the youngest person in Britain to be served with an asbo.

Stern preventative treatment several years ago may just have turned him from his rampage of arrogance that told him he was untouchable and no one else had any right to exist.

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He turned into Broomhill Road and switched the lights off. He accelerated to 60mph in Park Drive, then 80mph in Portland Road and drove the wrong side of a bollard in Bulwell Road.

"You put members of the public at serious risk of injury or worse by the way you were driving at night with no lights on."

Are you saying that Mr Madigan is INNOCENT of his past crimes and was fitted up?

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Nike Air Max Women Flower

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Adrian Reynolds, defending Madigan, said: "He is showing signs of trying to get his life back on track."Laura when you start excusing one criminal activity and going all "hang em all" regarding other criminal acts then you have lost the plot.

fact i would confiscate his windfall and use it to pay compensation to the victims of his crimes.

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He was already on licence after being released from a five year sentence for affray and possession of a prohibited weapon and has been recalled to prison.

what degree of rehabilitation is required . . . although even as I type this I realise that so many of our Judges have not a clue!

grand. he gets no sympathy from me in Nike Air Max Red And Blue

Jon Fountain, prosecuting, said Madigan was convicted of dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and without insurance, and possession of cannabis at Nottingham Magistrates' Court.

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Declan Madigan jailed at Nottingham Crown Court

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notts notts bulwell so you know this lad and cos he's had a hard life he should be left alone? 135 offences and 16 months prison? assuming he only serves half his sentence he is actually serving less than 2 days for every crime he committed. he should be locked up and the key thrown away. he is scum and is exactly what is wrong with this country. as for not knowing him and what he has been through i really don't care. lots of people have a bad upbringing but thats no excuse for being a 1 man crime wave. you want people to feel sorry for this excuse for a human who has inherited 50 Nike Air Max White Purple

His previous convictions include 19 for driving while disqualified and eight for dangerous driving and aggravated vehicle taking.

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"You don't need me to tell you this was the most appalling piece of driving," he said.

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Criminals are bad . . .

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Nike Air Max Women Flower

Nottingham Crown Court heard the police chase started in Lime Tree Road when Madigan sped away from a community support officer in a Hyundai car in March at 9.15pm.

Judge Stokes banned Madigan from driving for 18 months and sent him to prison for 16 months.

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