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The requests for information got to be so numerous that Oglesby put together a 40 page for churches that is emailed to them.

A change that Oglesby has noticed over the years is in the number of women going into youth and family ministry and the number of churches seeking them out. Traditionally, women have not served in the pulpit at Churches of Christ, but they more and more are serving in other ministry positions.

Increasing number of women sought as youth and family ministers

"I would never be satisfied with boredom, apathy or the status quo ever again," he said. "The experiences I had as a 16 year old birthed and fueled a hunger for more that I still have to this day."

"It helps them to hire more professionally," Oglesby said.

Abilene Christian University > Academics > College of Biblical Studies > Academic Programs > Bible, Missions, and Ministry > Robert Oglesby Director of ACU Center for Youth and Family Ministry

Nike Air Max Womens Shoes Sale

Nike Air Max Womens Shoes Sale

Perspective of a former studentOne who will vouch for that is Matt Wallace, one of the leaders of Dry Bones, a ministry for homeless youth and young adults in Denver. Matt, a 2000 graduate of ACU, was in Oglesby's youth classes at Southern Hills from sixth grade through high school and then had him as a professor.

After several years of tasting all kinds of new adventures from mountain climbing to sometimes strange mission encounters, Matt was hooked.

Keeping a hand in youth ministryIn the summer of 2008, he jumped in at his home church, Southern Hills Church of Christ, while the full time youth minister was on leave. It wasn't too big a leap because Oglesby was full time youth and family minister at the church from 1984 to 1999, when he came to ACU full time.

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Nike Air Max Womens Shoes Sale

Another resource offered by the center is an intern placement session in February. From 60 to 70 churches send representatives to campus to interview students for summer jobs.

his own idea of fun backpacking, climbing mountains, river rafting and hanging out with gang members.

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That volume alone points to the success of Oglesby and the Center for Youth and Family Ministry. Graduates who leave ACU with a desire to become youth ministers are well on their way before leaving campus.

Since taking on the Nike Air Max 2016 Black Orange

Matt remembers that early on, Oglesby got the youngsters out of their comfort zones and into unknown worlds sometimes right around them and sometimes far from home.

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Nike Air Max Womens Shoes Sale

"Our kids get great jobs," Oglesby said.

Neither is the call to youth ministry. Although Oglesby is on the staff full time at ACU, both as director of the center and as an teacher of youth and family ministry and general ministry courses, he still has his hand in youth ministry.

Providing resources to churches nationwideMatt is one of hundreds who have benefitted from Oglesby's leadership.

ministers nationwide. And, he's trained a lot of them more than 500 in the past 10 years.

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Nike Air Max Womens Shoes Sale

director of ACU Center for Youth and Family Ministry

"Our worldviews were constantly being reshaped, especially in the summertime," Matt said. "We would step into strange new cultures, experience God outside of church walls, and get small tastes of the BIG adventure to be found living in the Kingdom of God."

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Oglesby also introduced the youngsters to Womens Nike Air Max 2016 Reviews

Oglesby is director of ACU's Center for Youth and Family Ministry, located within the Department of Bible, Missions and Ministry. But he's no ivory tower academic type who cloisters himself in his office all day. His motorcycle helmet is never too far away.

"He would dupe our parents into letting us go anywhere with him," Matt joked.

Youth workers who aren't affiliated with ACU or the Church of Christ know the reputation of the Center for Youth and Family Ministry and call on Oglesby for assistance. It isn't unusual for him to answer 20 or so emails each morning from youth ministers seeking information.

As my youth minister, Robert was always a friend I could talk to about anything. He always had a great listening ear, wisdom to share, and could bring situations down to earth quickly. To this day, in my life, Robert has a way of making me feel and know that I am important to him, Nike Air Max Womens Shoes Sale I am a valued friend and that he believes in me." Matt Wallace, Class of 2000He likes taking risks. And that makes him a perfect fit with his chosen avocation youth ministry. Mentoring, guiding and developing young people is definitely a high risk undertaking, but one that Oglesby is so good at that he helps youth ministers across the country become the best they can be.

The top request, Oglesby said, is for information on hiring processes. Calls come from churches looking for youth ministers or interns and from youth ministers or students looking for churches with jobs available.

But it did take his full attention something he was glad to donate to his passion.

Robert Oglesby Director of ACU Center for Youth and Family Ministry

Youth and family ministry is a natural. Oglesby said 20 to 30 percent of the students majoring in that area are women. And placements continue to pick up in churches with openings.

"I'm one of those professors who loves to do youth ministry," he said.

mantle of director of the Center for Youth and Family Ministry, Oglesby has gained the attention and respect of youth 2016 Air Max Running Shoes

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