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Stevermer also expects the economy to get worse. "I think they'll cut off everything and start over. Things can't keep on the way we are going."

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Most children of the Depression have paid off their homes and cars long ago, many reside in assisted living facilities. Frugal all their lives, they avoided charging and handled what little debt they had well.

Enderson, however, is taking today's economy in stride. "We are either coming into or going out of a depression," said Enderson, who has lived through 102 years of economic changes.

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"People remained relatively cheerful during the Depression," said John Hurd of North Mankato, discussing the stories his mother told him about those days. "They pulled together to fight a common enemy the wolf at the door."

"It wasn't all dreary in the 1930s," Willette said. "People sang a lot, played cards and went to dances in each other's houses. They would walk to a neighbor's in the winter, dance half the night and walk home again."

Jo Willette of Delavan remembers the Nike Air Max X Stussy taste of dust in her mouth, the hobos begging for jobs or food and "making do." She also recalls, "People didn't stop living, they just lived differently and made the best out of bad times."

foreclosures occurred in 2008 and continue in 2009 the situation is still a far cry from the hard times during the Depression.

by those now in their 80s and 90s.

Depression made people expert at getting by

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"I don't think that my folks ever used credit," her Nike Air Max Orange Womens

"Pa wouldn't buy a TV, so in 1961, I put up $20, Charles put up $20, and my older brother, Harland, put up $40 and we bought a used TV," he said. "Pa used that old TV for at least 15 more years, long after we'd all gone off to college."

The Great Depression was the nation's toughest economic time during the last 100 years.

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When things were tight, Willette said, the community pulled together and shared its resources. "That brought Delavan folks through the Depression. It was this spirit of making d0 and keeping hopes up, plus a whole lot of faith, that brought Delavan folks through the Depression just fine."

For the most part, they are not affected by the failing economy. But these seniors, who were kids during the Depression, still worry. They worry how their children and grandchildren will manage.

The beginning is sharply defined by the stock market crash of Oct. 29, 1929, but the Depression's end is obscure. prepared for World War II.

The devastating effects on local farm families are vividly remembered Nike Air Max Old School

"Times were really tough during the '30s," noted Bud Stevermer, a teenager during the Depression. "We didn't have to worry about buying gas because we were still farming with horses," said the 90 year old.

Several times over the years Marie Hurd Florine told her children how a fellow parishioner, not a bank, saved the family farm.

Enderson's advice is to "lay low for awhile and start over again."

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"It's going to be worse. I'm afraid they'll take homes already paid for," predicted Leona Birk. "Pretty soon, in another year, we'll have our mouths open waiting for food."

Growing up in New York, Ronnie Burton recalls her family being forced to fill their home with boarders. Two of them were college biology instructors. in botany and taught at Mankato State College from 1948 until she retired in 1986.

"I don't think it will be as bad as the Depression was," Knudsen countered.

Rather than accept a teaching job that paid $675 a year, Ike Enderson accepted a job with a new company. That company was Gamble Skogmo.

Burton said, "Credit cards were not part of the culture I grew up in," noting people carry more debt today.

Florine cautions, "Watch what you spend."

Although bank closures, business failures, stock market plunges and Nike Air Max 2016 Kids' Running Shoe

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"The owners of Scheid's and Lubitz's often pretended they had been paid," said Willette, describing how the Delavan grocery stores would give out food, trusting or hoping they would be paid someday. "People also charged gas at Brandt's."

For Willette, the Depression evokes images of dust blowing over the bloated carcasses of animals cows and horses that had starved on the North Dakota plains where she grew up.

Survivors of the 1930s differ on their predictions of where today's financial crisis will lead, but they all worry whether the younger generation, which has only known good times, will have the fortitude to make the necessary sacrifices.

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Most of the seniors interviewed ended their Depression stories on a positive note.

son noted. "We always had a garden. We didn't hoard things, but money was spent carefully," Hurd said.

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