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But today Billings is using ViziLite Plus to help him see oral lesions that might not be visible to the naked eye.

The test is simple and quick. Stagni rinses her mouth for 40 seconds with a special vinegar tasting solution. Then the doctor explores the mouth with the light. If there is a spot that glows, he then paints it with a special blue dye called T Blue. That is wiped off. If the area stays blue and the dye doesn't come off, it could be cancer and you will be sent for further diagnosis by a specialist.

Doctors say if a mouth sore does not heal in two weeks, it needs to be checked out. Oral cancer can spread quickly to the brain, lungs and other organs.

Stagni is at very low risk for oral cancer since she has never smoked, 25 percent of people with oral cancer have no risk factors. So it's a good idea that all Nike Air Max 2014 All Black

"I have, in my 30 years of practice, have been unfortunate to diagnose four cases of oral cancer. One was the first case, was one of my best friends from high school who is, was probably 26 at the time, and unfortunately was significantly disfigured at his death around 30," Billings said.

Pink Nike Air Max 2016

Pink Nike Air Max 2016

Dentists using more accurate checkup to screen for oral cancer

In the past her dentist, Dr. Terry Billings, has checked the inside of her mouth and under her neck manually, touching, feeling and looking for signs of oral cancer. He knows early detection is key.

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NEW ORLEANS Actor Michael Douglas is making news after doctors found he has stage 4 throat cancer. It's a type of cancer often times caused by smoking and alcohol.

And now local dentists have a way to find oral cancers at an earlier stage.

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Pink Nike Air Max 2016

people 18 and older have the exam once a year.

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"We're able to eradicate some of the more grotesque surgeries that are resulting from the oral cancers that go unnoticed," he said.

"What we know is once we see it, the metastasis, or the spreading, has probably already taken place. And so many times oral cancer is the primary source of cancer, and so it can metastasize to brain, lung, lymphomas and things like that," said Metairie Dentist Nike Women Air Max

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Pink Nike Air Max 2016

"It was painless and only took a few minutes, and certainly it's worth it," said Stagni.

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The main causes of oral cancer are smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol, mouthwash with alcohol, the sun especially on the Pink Nike Air Max 2016 lips and spreading the HPV (human papillomavirus) through oral sex. That's the same class of viruses that cause cervical and genital cancers.

Terry Billings.

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