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For Billy, Lawrence is a labour of love. He's been working on the two part 90 minute drama for five years, having been approached Purple Air Max Nike by veteran producer George Faber.

"But there's light as well as dark. Industry and the mines formed the county so much. I 2017 Air Max All Black

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"There are parts of the book where you feel Lawrence is formulating an argument. The sex should be apocalyptic, rather than smutty. I've taken extracts that are not in the book: his letters and short stories. I've mucked around with it a bit but I believe I'm putting the soul of the book on screen."

Previously Billy's work, which includes his beautifully wrought debut Journey To Knock, as well as TV classics like A Thing Called Love and Common As Muck, has produced only original dramas. This is his first adaptation.

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that seeped into the bloodstream of the likes of Byron, Lawrence, pictured below, Sillitoe and may (although he doesn't say it) account for the heart on the sleeve magic of William's own screenplays.

Stephen Lowe, his fellow Notts lad and Lawrentian light bearer said, on hearing the news: "At least you're a native!"

But Billy has certain reservations about it.

remember, as a boy on the bins [his first job was as a local binman] how the streets would just stop and the fields would begin. There's no fading out here. It's black and white, laughter, tears, fighting, resting."

"I realised early on there's a reason for that," he laughs.

Although Lawrence originally wrote The Rainbow and Women In Love as two parts of the same novel, they were published separately and have normally been treated as such on screen. Their styles are very different Women In Love can, Billy says, be seen as the first great modern novel.

Which is why William's (or Billy, as he's known to us Notts dwellers) next project is so interesting.

He is a regular visitor to the D H Lawrence birthplace museum and Heritage Centre at Eastwood.

Billy is, at least, pushing to have it cast by Notts actors despite the fact names like Helena Bonham Carter, Keira Knightley and Michael Sheen are being discussed by the BBC. "I would like to hear Notts accents," he insists.

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Then, at the age of 13, he picked up an Alistair MacLean book after seeing a TV adaptation of it. "221 pages and nothing but words and I read it. It was wonderful and I was hooked. When I should have been having girlfriends I did nothing but read and go to the theatre. The style that inculcated in me was quite a literary one."

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"George came up to Nottingham one afternoon and said, 'You ought to do some Lawrence. Nobody's given Women In Love a go since the Russell film.'

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dh lawrence women in love the rainbow bbc billy ivory

It's a meeting of two Notts literary leading lights Bert and Billy or, to give them their Sunday names, Eastwood iconoclast D H Lawrence and Southwell wordsmith William Ivory.

"I thought the Russell film was a bit prurient and didn't really get to grips with what the book's about," he claims. "I will have a bit of wrestling but it's used in a very different way. And we're not going off to the Alps at the end.

monkey runs across the set. It doesn't look much like Ollerton then!"

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"I can think of easier people to start with," he grins.

A potent, kicking at the confines brew Nike Air Max 2016 Anthracite

For Billy, from Southwell, is taking on Lawrence in a new, joint adaptation of The Rainbow and Women In Love for BBC4.

Alas, Billy's efforts won't be made in Notts itself. "We're having to film in South Africa because it's cheaper than Nottingham," he says, clearly disappointed. "It's a shame because the area where it's set is still exactly the same. It would be wonderful to film it here but it costs too much. The only issue you've got in South Africa is if a Nike Air Max Stutter Step 2 Review

That film, with its naked fireside wrestling between Alan Bates and Oliver Reed, not to mention Glenda Jackson's flashing eyed bull taunting, is regarded by many as the definitive Lawrence adaptation.

"But we're doing it for BBC4, which is fantastic. As a channel, it's able to take a weightier piece."

It's a while since he saw it and he didn't want to re watch it while working on his own version.

"We're a manic, bipolar county," is how he puts it. "We have a very different way of looking at things in Notts. It forms part of our bad side, in terms of our reputation.

"It's fantastic, that place," he enthuses. "You get a real sense of this lad from Eastwood who made his way out into the world with his head bursting with ideas."

His father Bill was a renowned news editor and assistant editor of the Evening Post.

During his early years, it appeared as if the two had little in common. The son of the Evening Post wordsmith buried himself in the Beano and never touched a book "to the extent they thought I had learning difficulties" he says.

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